Production Team

Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Develpment Studio
LAITS professional staff members work with Student Technology Assistants to produce websites for College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff.

Joeseph C. TenBarge Jr.
Director, Liberal Arts ITS / Assistant Dean

James Henson
Associate Director

Tim Fackler
Senior IT Manager

Peter Keane
Senior Software Developer

Gavin Sellers, 2012 UT Sophmore Student, College of Engineering
Software Developer

Suloni Robertson
Art Director / Supevisor for Student Technology Assistants

Lauren Moore
Information Specialist / CSS

Kei Kudose, 2012 UT Freshman, College of Engineering
Layout and Graphic Design

Leroy Rosales, 2012 UT Junior, College of Fine Arts
Layout and Graphic Design

Excerpts and images from the book "Speech Presentation in Homeric Epic" are used with permission from the University of Texas Press.